NOW is the time to secure the affordability of a King’s education for all who earn admission.

NOW is the time to create a campus that is the model for student engagement and success.

NOW is the time to affirm our commitment to our Holy Cross values.

NOW is the time to invest in the students who represent our greatest hopes for the future.

NOW is the time to invest in King’s.

Donors can make their gifts to the College in a variety of ways. Please read on to learn how you can support the Send Us Forth campaign. If you have questions or require more information on any of these giving opportunities, please contact Charlene Brojakowski at charlenebrojakowski@kings.edu or (570) 208-5900, ext. 5359.

Ways to Give

Outright Gifts

An outright gift to King’s College provides immediate financial support and may offer income tax advantages as well. Outright gifts can be made by cash, credit card payment, check, electronic bank draft, or stock or securities transfer. 

  • CREDIT CARD: You can make an online gift here using your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover Card. You can also call us to make a gift by credit card over the phone at (570) 208-5880.
  • CHECK: Checks can be made payable to King’s College and mailed to: King’s College, Office of Institutional Advancement, 133 N. River St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711.
  • ELECTRONIC BANK DRAFT: To set up an electronic bank draft, call us at (570) 208-5680.
  • STOCK AND SECURITIES: Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares can be a tax-advantaged way to provide support for King’s College.


Pledges enable donors to make impactful gifts and spread the payment over a period up to five years. A gift agreement is used to record your intentions. Payment methods include credit card, stock transfer, check, and electronic funds transfer, either by mail or online. Payment set-up can include a pledge reminder mailed to you for your convenience or automatic credit card charge or bank account withdrawal for a time period most convenient to you. Please contact Wendy Hinton, Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement: Campaign and Development, to discuss how your gift can make an impact and to set up a pledge. Call: (570_ 208-8130 or email WendyHinton@kings.edu.

Matching Gifts

Many national corporations match individual charitable donations, enabling their employees to double or even triple their contributions to organizations such as King’s College. Each corporate matching gift program has its own guidelines for eligibility. To learn whether your company has a matching gift program, and to secure the form necessary to apply for this benefit, please contact your human resources or business office.

If you qualify, complete the application form provided by your company and mail it to King’s College Office of Institutional Advancement, 133 N. River St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 or email it to us at annualgiving@kings.edu. King’s will complete its portion of the matching gift form and submit it to your company for payment.


A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable giving program that allows you to combine tax benefits with the flexibility to support your favorite causes. If you have a DAF, you can recommend grants to King’s College directly from your DAF (as long as your DAF’s sponsoring organization is participating).


  • Establish your DAF by making an irrevocable, tax deductible donation to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program.
  • Advise the investment allocation of the donated assets (any investment growth is tax free).
  • Recommend grants to the charities you support, with the option of being recognized or remaining anonymous.
  • You may not make a gift/payment to an area that provides benefits (e.g., events with registration fees) through your donor advised fund.

Planned Gifts

Your stage in life, your financial circumstances, and your charitable goals all affect when, how, and which charitable organizations will benefit from your planned gifts. Because your decision to support King’s College requires such thoughtful consideration, we want to see that your goals are satisfied. Whether you want to eliminate taxes or benefit from an increased income stream, there is a gift to fit every objective. Planned gifts take many forms, such as a bequest through your will, a revocable trust, a unitrust, an annuity trust, or a lead trust.

We invite you to visit our planned giving website at www.legacytokings.org. We can help you weigh personal factors and make detailed calculations of income and tax benefits you will receive through a gift to King’s College. And no matter how or what you give, rest assured that you will be helping a cause close to your heart.

Individuals 70 ½ or older may transfer funds directly from their IRA to King’s College and exclude the amount distributed from their gross income. One hundred percent of your distribution will benefit the College. For questions on IRAs, contact Lauren McLain at laurenmclain@kings.edu or (570) 208-5909.

Real Estate or Other PropertY

REAL ESTATE: A gift of real estate can provide a unique opportunity to support King’s College and its mission. You may donate real estate as an outright gift during your lifetime, will it to us, place it in trust, or donate it with a life tenancy or lease agreement that permits you to retain its use during your lifetime. All of these options offer benefits to you and to King’s College. Depending on the gift method, benefits may include capital gains tax avoidance, an immediate tax deduction, or an estate tax deduction. King’s College reserves the right to accept or reject real estate gifts in conformity with its written Gift Acceptance Policy.

OTHER PROPERTY: Antiques, various forms of art, and other collectibles may be valuable to King’s College and may permit an individual to take a tax deduction based on the donated object’s fair market value. The donor is responsible for obtaining an independent appraisal of the items being donated. King’s College reserves the right to accept or reject gifts of tangible personal property in conformity with its written Gift Acceptance Policy.

For more information on real estate and other property gifts, please contact us at (570) 208-5905.

Foundations and Grants

At King’s College, grants are a vital component of development because they support innovation in teaching and learning, institutional growth, and cooperative initiatives with the surrounding community. The main sources of grants are governmental agencies, foundations, and corporations. If you or your company is interested in giving through a corporate or family foundation, or you’re the administrator of a grant and need more information, please contact us at (570) 208-5900, ext. 5359.


Sponsorship opportunities for special events such as the William G. McGowan School of Business Forum, Rev. James Lackenmier, C.S.C. Award for Achievement and Leadership Dinner, and Homecoming/Reunion are also available. For more information, please contact us at (570) 208-5900, ext. 5359.